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With the development of computing technology, the architecture of healthcare information systems (HIS) may evolve into an application of pervasive computing. HIS requires a more complex high-level design because of its involvement of many different organizations with individual interests and goals. Therefore, an agent-oriented architecture is preferable(More)
  • Munan Li
  • 2009 IEEE International Conference on Automation…
  • 2009
This paper brings forward a novel semantic discovery approach based on the SEM (Semantic Entropy Maximum). This approach applies the entropy maximum algorithm to the matching and the recognizing of the semantic service, and meanwhile, it compares this algorithm with other related algorithms. The results of those experiments show that the SEM (semantic(More)
This paper presents a novel modeling theory based on the degree of competition-decision, and applies it to the product-competition network of industrial clusters. In the light of theoretical analysis and deduction, we provide some explanations for dynamic mechanism about the clusters of industrial towns of the delta of Pearl River in China. Further, through(More)
  • Munan Li
  • Techn. Analysis & Strat. Manag.
  • 2017
To explore the possible research fronts and emerging trends of technology foresight, through integrating co-occurrence of keywords and burst terms detection into an improved technique of co-word analysis based on the relevant literature in Web of Science is proposed. Based on the new analytical technique, the links among hot keywords, burst terms are(More)
In the light of the analysis of CNM (contract net model), this paper brought forward an improved solution based on cooperative scoring. First, we attributed the motives of cooperation to the pursuit of the cooperative scores (credit score and task score). Second, the cooperation behavior was turned into multi-objective optimization decision for single(More)
Building and management of model base are very important jobs in practical decision support system. There are very few concerns on some basic conceptions of model base in current researches, which contain convinced definition of characters of model base and correlative methodology etc. After analyzing what were the key problems of building and management(More)
Recently, the diffusion behavior of industrial clusters has become one of the vital important phenomenons of the clusters upgrade or regulation. In this paper, we referred one of the classic immigration model based on the theory of phase-transition, which was brought by Weidlich and Haag; and adjusted the WH immigration model to explain the diffusion of the(More)
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