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The scarcity of bandwidth in the radio spectrum has become more vital since the demand for more and more wireless applications has increased. Most of the spectrum bands have been allocated although many studies have shown that these bands are significantly underutilized most of the time. The problem of unavailability of spectrum and inefficiency in its(More)
Cognitive Radio (CR) has emerged as an intelligent technology to address the spectrum scarcity issues. CR aims to use the unoccupied spectrum band when it is not used by the licensed user. An extensive research has been carried out since the inception of this technology in 1999 where different challenges like spectrum sensing, cooperation amongst CR users(More)
The radio spectrum (3kHz – 300GHz) has become saturated and proven to be insufficient to address the proliferation of new wireless applications. Cognitive Radio Technology which is an opportunistic network and is equipped with fully programmable wireless devices that empowers the network by OODA cycle and then make intelligent decisions by adapting(More)
Cognitive Radio (CR) Technology has emerged as a smart and intelligent technology to address the problem of spectrum scarcity and its under-utilization. CR nodes sense the environment for vacant channels, exchange control information, and agree upon free channels list (FCL) to use for data transmission and conclusion. CR technology is heavily dependent on(More)
Due to striving and opportunistic nature of cognitive radio (CR) technology, nodes are always haunting to seize the opportunity to transmit. Finding a wireless channel for secure communication, in CR mobile ad-hoc networks, is one of the challenging tasks. In this paper, a novel secure authentication mechanism for communication in CR mobile ad-hoc networks(More)
Cloud computing has become popular due to its attractive features. The load on the cloud is increasing tremendously with the development of new applications. Load balancing is an important part of cloud computing environment which ensures that all devices or processors perform same amount of work in equal amount of time. Different models and algorithms for(More)
The recent advancements in technology and the availability of the Internet make it possible to connect various devices that can communicate with each other and share data. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new concept that allows users to connect various sensors and smart devices to collect real-time data from the environment. However, it has been observed(More)