Muna M. El-Kasti

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The zinc-finger, E-box-binding homeobox-2 (Zeb2) gene encodes a SMAD-interacting transcription factor that has diverse roles in development and disease. Mutations at the hZeb2 locus cause Mowat-Wilson syndrome (MWS), a genetic disorder that is associated with mental retardation and other, case- and sex-dependent clinical features. Recent studies have(More)
A heart-perfusion technique was employed to measure 125I-insulin binding on capillary endothelial and myocyte cell membranes in Sprague-Dawley rats. Animals were anesthetized, and the anterior chest wall excised to expose the mediastinal contents. The right and left superior and inferior venae cavae were dissected and tied, and another tie was passed around(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify a potential diagnostic endometriosis marker using matrix-enhanced laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS)-based urinary proteomics. DESIGN Prospective randomized pilot study. SETTING University hospital, tertiary referral center for endometriosis. PATIENT(S) 53 women undergoing laparoscopic(More)
Growth hormone (GH)-deficiency is usually associated with elevated adiposity, hyperleptinemia, and increased fracture risk. Since leptin is thought to enhance cortical bone formation, we have investigated the contribution of elevated adiposity and hyperleptinemia on femoral strength in rodent models of GH deficiency. Quantification of the transpubertal(More)
BACKGROUND Standard biomarker testing of a single macroscopic disease site is unlikely to be sufficient because of tumor heterogeneity. A focus on examining global biomarker expression or activity, particularly in microscopic residual chemotherapy-resistant disease, is needed for the appropriate selection of targeted therapies. This study was aimed at(More)
This work represents a study of the binding and distribution of three different calcium channel blockers in the Sprague-Dawley rat liver, using an in situ perfusion technique. For this purpose, [3H] desmethoxyverapamil, [3H] PN200-110 (isradipine) and [3H] azidopine were used as binding probes interacting with calcium channels. The perfusion steps of the(More)
A cell surface adsorption isotherm approach is investigated with normal and diabetic (streptozotocin-induced) rat hepatocytes utilizing mathematical modeling. Freshly prepared monodispersed viable rat hepatocytes in Ca(2+)- and Mg(2+)-free phosphate buffer are obtained by collagenase perfusion and used in this study. [3H]ouabain is used as a ligand that(More)
This study describes the previously uncharacterized ontogeny and regulation of truncal adipose reserves in the profoundly GH-deficient dwarf (dw/dw) rat. We show that, despite normal proportionate food intake, dw/dw rats develop abdominal leanness and hypoleptinemia (circulating leptin halved in dw/dw males, P < 0.05) during puberty. This contrasts with the(More)
Profound somatotroph hypoplasia in the dwarf (dw/dw) rat is accompanied by an estrogen-dependent induction of prolactin secretion by the GH secretagogue, GHRP-6. Using electron microscopy, we demonstrated that the reduction in the somatotroph population in the dw/dw pituitary is accompanied by the presence of a morphologically distinct lactotroph(More)
The elevation in baseline circulating growth hormone (GH) that occurs in pregnant rats is thought to arise from increased pituitary GH secretion, but the underlying mechanism remains unclear. Distribution, Fourier and algorithmic analyses confirmed that the pregnancy-induced increase in circulating GH in 3-week pregnant rats was due to a 13-fold increase in(More)