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The purpose of this study is to develop an abnormal gait detection algorithm and a vibratory stimulation system on a lower limb to improve gait stability and prevent falls. The system consists of a gait measurement module, an abnormal gait detection module, and a vibratory stimulation module. The gait measurement module measures the vertical acceleration of(More)
This paper presents a design of two dimensional receiving coils to provide hundreds of milli-watt power via inductive link to in vivo robotic capsules, whose orientation are practically undetermined. The wireless power transmission system consists of a transmitter powered by class E power amplifier, and receiver with 2-dimensional antenna, rectifier, and(More)
Communication between people with normal hearing and hearing impairment is difficult. Recently, a variety of studies on sign language recognition have presented benefits from the development of information technology. This study presents a sign language recognition system using a data glove composed of 3-axis accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes.(More)
The human-powered self-generator provides the best solution for individuals who need an instantaneous power supply for travel, outdoor, and emergency use, since it is less dependent on weather conditions and occupies less space than other renewable power supplies. However, many commercial portable self-generators that employ hand-cranking are not used as(More)
Among the hemiplegic disorders caused by complications of stroke, the functional recovery of upper extremities is slower than the recovery of other functions. In this study, a wireless motion tracking system to transfer motion data on the patient's upper extremity movements was developed using inertial sensors consisting of a three-axis accelerometer, gyro,(More)
There have been many studies to detect infectious diseases with the molecular genetic method. This study presents an automation process for a DNA extraction system based on microfluidics and magnetic bead, which is part of a portable molecular genetic test system. This DNA extraction system consists of a cartridge with chambers, syringes, four linear(More)
Low-level light (laser) therapy (LLLT) has been widely researched in the recent past. Existing LLLT studies were performed based on laser. Recently, studies using LED have increased. This study presents a smartphone-driven low-power light-emitting device for use in colour therapy as an alternative medicine. The device consists of a control unit and a colour(More)
This study represents research on falls while riding bicycles. We present an algorithm that detects the occurrence and direction of falls during bicycle riding through the use of a sensor module installed on the helmet. The sensor module is equipped with a tri-axial accelerometer, tri-axial gyroscope, and tri-axial magnetometer to record acceleration and(More)
As an aging society approaches, the issue of injuries from falls by the elderly has emerged anew. Because of the dangers involved, research has recently been conducted on various types of falls; in particular, considerable research has been carried out on the detection and prevention of falls. We design an algorithm for the detection of falls using(More)
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