Mun Theng Wong

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We have examined the relationships between percentage of body fat (PBF) and risk factors for cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance and how good body mass index (BMI) and other anthropometric measures are as indices of obesity. High PBF levels were associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance. The World Health(More)
We report on the isolation and characterization of several genes responsive to wounding in the tropical endangered tree Aquilaria malaccensis. Wounding triggers the formation of a fragrant substance inside the tree stem. Deduced amino acid of the cloned sequences exhibited sequence similarities to their respective homologs: transcription factors of the WRKY(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate an education program on metered-dose inhaler (MDI) technique designed for nurses and trained medication aides (TMAs). DESIGN The education program included a handout, a lecture incorporating a videotape on correct inhaler and device technique, and hands-on experience with placebo inhalers. The participants' ability to verbalize and(More)
INTRODUCTION By the age of 35 years, most women would have completed their families and contraception then becomes an important consideration. In the next one or two decades, other health concerns such as osteoporosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, ovarian, endometrial, colorectal and breast cancers and cardiovascular diseases will assume prominence in(More)
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