Mumtaz Ali

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Soft set theory is a general mathematical tool for dealing with uncertain, fuzzy, not clearly defined objects. In this paper we introduced soft neutrosophic semigroup,soft neutosophic bisemigroup, soft neutrosophic N-semigroup with the discuissionf of some of their characteristics. We also introduced a new type of soft neutrophic semigroup, the so called(More)
Neutrosophic set has the ability to handle uncertain, incomplete, inconsistent, indeterminate information in a more accurate way. In this paper, we proposed a neutrosophic recommender system to predict the diseases based on neutrosophic set which includes single-criterion neutrosophic recommender system (SC-NRS) and multi-criterion neutrosophic recommender(More)
Compound 1, isolated from Dryopteris cycadina, was characterized as kempferol-3,4′-di-O-α-L-rhamnopyranoside on the basis of 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopic techniques. On the basis of preliminary screening data for this compound, its antinociceptive activity in different animal models was evaluated. Compound 1 displayed dose-dependent antinociceptive effects(More)