Mumtaj Begam

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— Digital processing of speech signal and voice recognition algorithm is very important for fast and accurate automatic voice recognition technology. The voice is a signal of infinite information. A direct analysis and synthesizing the complex voice signal is due to too much information contained in the signal. Therefore the digital signal processes such as(More)
Voice recognition is an important and active research area of the recent years. This research aims to build a system for voice recognition using dynamic time wrapping algorithm, by comparing the voice signal of the speaker with pre-stored voice signals in the database, and extracting the main features of the speaker voice signal using Mel-frequency cepstral(More)
A new strain of Fusarium moniliforme KUMBF1201 was isolated from paddy field soil for the production of natural pigment. From an industrial point of view the necessity to obtain a suitable medium for enhanced pigment production by Fusarium moniliforme KUMBF1201 was the aim of this work. Out of eight different solid and six liquid media studied, Fusarium(More)
Speech recognition system needs to perform a high complex calculation and short time to complete it. This is a big challenge for the real-time systems. However, using a simple and fast algorithm may do this task for the slow systems. Thus, the main objective of this paper is to design and implement a Real-Time Arabic Speech Recognition system using MATLAB(More)
— In recent years, the use of non-analytical methods of computing such as fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, and neural networks has demonstrated the utility and potential of these paradigms for intelligent control of mobile robot navigation. In this paper, a theoretical model of a fuzzy based controller for an autonomous mobile robot is developed. The(More)
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