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— Digital processing of speech signal and voice recognition algorithm is very important for fast and accurate automatic voice recognition technology. The voice is a signal of infinite information. A direct analysis and synthesizing the complex voice signal is due to too much information contained in the signal. Therefore the digital signal processes such as(More)
Most movement tasks are defined in coordinate systems that are different from the actuator space in which motor commands must be issued. Hence, movement planning and learning in task space require appropriate coordinate transformations from task to actuator space before motor commands can be computed. Therefore to move the biped robot to the desired point,(More)
Wheeled Mobile Robot (WMR) is extremely important for active target tracking control and the reactive obstacle avoidance in an unstructured environment. Fuzzy control provides a mechanism for incorporating human-like reasoning capabilities and computationally in control systems. In this paper, a new type of controller based on Fuzzy Logic for differential(More)
— In recent years, the use of non-analytical methods of computing such as fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, and neural networks has demonstrated the utility and potential of these paradigms for intelligent control of mobile robot navigation. In this paper, a theoretical model of a fuzzy based controller for an autonomous mobile robot is developed. The(More)
In recent years, development of humanoids, which are robots that assume an anthropomorphic form is a challenge that gaining interest in robotics. Kinematics is important in performing the simulation of a humanoid arm in order to perform desired task. In this work, the kinematic solution for humanoid arm is described. The kinematics of the humanoid arm is(More)
This paper investigates the possibility of differentiating slaughtered and non-slaughtered sheep and goat meat tissue using capacitor. The capacitor designed as two circular parallel plates made from platinum, after putting the meat slice between them an oscilloscope will used to measure the capacitance voltage with different frequencies. Multisim was used(More)
Ultrasound imaging is one of the imaging techniques that commonly used in the medical imaging beside x-ray, MRI and CT scan. It is a technique that provides noninvasive, nondestructive and also low cost for imaging. However, ultrasound imaging will afford images with a speckle noise which make the images unclear and this is a failing of ultrasound.(More)
Modeling and simulation of multi-fingered robot hand (MFRH) is increasingly gaining importance amongst researchers for industrial and medical applications. In this paper, a MFRH with five fingers is modeled and simulated for grasping task. This was done using a CAD tool known as Solidworks, and an analytical tool known as SimMechanics of MATLAB. The(More)