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In rodents, social odor sensing influences female reproductive status by affecting neuroendocrine cascades. The odor of male mouse urine can induce ovulation or block pregnancy within 3 d post coitus. Females avoid the action of such olfactory stimuli after embryonic implantation. The mechanisms underlying these changes are unknown. Here we report that(More)
Neuronal plasticity is an important process for learning, memory and complex behaviour. Rapid remodelling of the actin cytoskeleton in the postsynaptic compartment is thought to have an important function for synaptic plasticity. However, the actin-binding proteins involved and the molecular mechanisms that in vivo link actin dynamics to postsynaptic(More)
Sudden infant death syndrome is the leading cause of death in the postneonatal period in developed countries. Postmortem studies show alterations in serotonin neurons in the brainstem of such infants. However, the mechanism by which altered serotonin homeostasis might cause sudden death is unknown. We investigated the consequences of altering the(More)
Mutations in the cytolinker protein plectin lead to grossly distorted morphology of neuromuscular junctions (NMJs) in patients suffering from epidermolysis bullosa simplex (EBS)-muscular dystrophy (MS) with myasthenic syndrome (MyS). Here we investigated whether plectin contributes to the structural integrity of NMJs by linking them to the postsynaptic(More)
The effective extraction of information from multidimensional data sets derived from phenotyping experiments is a growing challenge in biology. Data visualization tools are important resources that can aid in exploratory data analysis of complex data sets. Phenotyping experiments of model organisms produce data sets in which a large number of phenotypic(More)
Spir proteins nucleate actin filaments at vesicle membranes and facilitate intracellular transport processes. The mammalian genome encodes two Spir proteins, namely Spir-1 and Spir-2. While the mouse spir-2 gene has a rather broad expression pattern, high levels of spir-1 expression are restricted to the nervous system, oocytes, and testis. Spir-1 mutant(More)
Silvia Mandillo,* Valter Tucci,* Sabine M. Hölter,* Hamid Meziane,* Mumna Al Banchaabouchi,* Magdalena Kallnik,* Heena V. Lad,* Patrick M. Nolan,* Abdel-Mouttalib Ouagazzal,* Emma L. Coghill, Karin Gale, Elisabetta Golini, Sylvie Jacquot, Wojtek Krezel, Andy Parker, Fabrice Riet, Ilka Schneider, Daniela Marazziti, Johan Auwerx, Steve D. M. Brown, Pierre(More)
Review of the literature Due to space constraint of the main manuscript, we here present a short overview of the literature. We first condense the main features of the articles into a tabular form, then give a concise summary for each article. Experimental validation + – – – – – – – – – – – Validation from literature + – + – – – – + – – – + Use protein(More)
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