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Stemming is an operation that splits a word into the constituent root part and affix without doing complete morphological analysis. It is used to improve the performance of spelling checkers and information retrieval applications, where morphological analysi would be too computationally expensive. For spelling checkers specifically, using stemming may(More)
Research on automatic speech recognition has been approach progressively since 1930 and the major advances are since 1980 with the introduction of the statistical modeling of speech with the key technology Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and the stochastic language model (B. H. Juang, 2005). However, the existing reported research works on Bangla speech(More)
There are different approaches to the problem of assigning each word of a text with a parts-of-speech tag, which is known as Part-Of-Speech (POS) tagging. In this paper we compare the performance of a few POS tagging techniques for Bangla language, e.g. statistical approach (n-gram, HMM) and transformation based approach (Brill’s tagger). A supervised POS(More)
This paper is introduces LFG (Lexical Functional Grammar) formalism for parsing Bangla. The LFG formalism, which has evolved from extensive computational, linguistic, and psycholinguistic research, provides a simple set of devices for describing the common properties of all natural languages and the particular properties of individual languages. This paper(More)
BanglaOCR is currently the only open source optical character recognition (OCR) software for the Bangla (Bengali) script developed by the Center for Research on Bangla Language Processing (CRBLP). Tesseract, maintained by Google, is considered to be one of the most accurate free open source OCR engines currently available. In this paper, we present a new(More)
In this paper, we present a Text to Speech (TTS) synthesis system for Bangla language using the opensource Festival TTS engine. Festival is a complete TTS synthesis system, with components supporting front-end processing of the input text, language modeling, and speech synthesis using its signal processing module. The Bangla TTS system proposed here,(More)
We present a comprehensive Bangla spelling checker that improves the quality of suggestions for misspelled words. The complex rules for Bangla spelling presents a significant challenge in producing suggestions for a misspelled word when employing the traditional methods; one must take phonetic similarity into account for suggested alternatives to be(More)