Mulisa Nemanashi

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Here, we report on the synthesis, characterization and catalytic evaluation of Cu, Ag and Au dendrimer encapsulated nanoparticles (DENs). Generations 4-6 of PAMAM-OH and PAMAM-NH(2) were used as templating agents for the synthesis of Cu and Ag-DENs respectively. Generation 4 PAMAM-NH(2) dendrimers were used for the synthesis of Au-DENs. These prepared DENs(More)
Different sizes of icosahedral-like dendrimer-encapsulated Au nanoparticles (Au55- and Au147-DENs) were prepared in the presence of generation 6 amine-terminated dendrimers (G6-PAMAM-NH2) as a template. The synthesis is carried out by the complexation of a Au metal precursor (AuHCI4) with the tertiary amine groups within the dendrimer framework. The(More)
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