Muling Mao

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Light responses in photoreceptor cells are mediated by the action of the G protein transducin (G(t)) on the effector enzyme cGMP phosphodiesterase (PDE6) at the surface of disk membranes. The enzymatic components needed for phosphoinositide-based signaling are known to be present in rod cells, but it has remained uncertain what role phosphoinositides play(More)
Inactivation of the visual G-protein transducin by GTP hydrolysis is regulated by the GTPase-accelerating protein (GAP) RGS9-1. Regulation of RGS9-1 itself is poorly understood, but we found previously that it is subject to a light- and Ca(2+)-sensitive phosphorylation on Ser(475). Because there are much higher RGS9-1 levels in cones than in rods, we(More)
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