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Auditory evoked responses (AER) were obtained from Cz and Fz in 30 adults (14 male, 16 female) from 20-80 years old. Sound bursts (1000 Hz-200 msec) of four different intensities were used. Peak to trough amplitudes of P1N1 and N1P2 and latencies of P1, N1 and P2 peaks were measured with increasing stimulus intensity and slopes of amplitude - intensity and(More)
BACKGROUND Neurologic complications occur in about 30% of renal transplant patients, infections being the most common. We encountered three such patients and present our experience in the management of such cases. CLINICAL MATERIAL Three cases of brain abscess in renal transplant recipients are reported. These patients presented from 9-60 months after the(More)
Polygraphic recordings, psychological tests, and analyses of dreams during paradoxical sleep were conducted in 9 patients with parietal lobe, in 7 with frontal lobe lesions and in a control group. No significant differences in sleep organization were observed in the parietal group, but there was a considerable reduction in oneiric activity and alterations(More)
Few physiological studies have been performed in PSP. We studied: sleep abnormalities in 36 h polygraphic recordings; changes of PEV after pattern-reversal stimulation, of BAER and of short latency SEP after stimulation of the median nerve. The population was for the 1st group: 18 patients with full typical symptomatology, for the 2nd group: 7 patients with(More)
Normal subjects may present central-type apneas or periodic respiration during sleep (stages I and II and paradoxical sleep). The importance of these respiratory disorders increases with age. Hypersomniac patients can manifest either similar or more significant sleep respiratory disorders than normal subjects. The presence of cataplexy or obesity does not(More)
SUMMARY Choice of an appropriate anaesthetic technique and adequate pain relief during laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy (LDN) is likely to make the procedure more appealing to kidney donors. Various analgesic regimens proposed to relieve pain after laparoscopic surgery include: opioids, non-opioid analgesics followed by opioids for the breakthrough(More)
Non-depleting antibody induction has the best safety profile in transplant recipients without an increased risk of infection or malignancy. This observational study was performed in intermediate immunologic risk live donor renal transplants to assess basiliximab efficacy in patients on tacrolimus, mycophenolate, and prednisolone immunosuppression. A total(More)
Sir, Mucormycosis is a rare opportunistic fungal infection that is being increasingly recognized in immunocompromised transplant recipients [1]. We describe a unique case of isolated renal allograft arterial mucormycosis, resulting in its rupture and death of the patient. A 52-year-old male suffering chronic glomerulonephritis with end-stage renal disease(More)
This study included all patients referred to the out-patient department of our sleep disorders centre from 1993 to 1999 on account of excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS). As a first step, patients in whom a diagnosis was established following appropriate polysomnography were excluded: this included sleep apnea syndrome, increased upper airway resistance(More)
Clonidine (300 microgram orally) increased in man the total duration of sleep and strikingly reduced the duration of REM sleep. Yohimbine (10 mg per os) did not alter the sleep patterns in man but antagonized the effects of clonidine. These results provide evidence that an alpha sympathomimetic mechanism could suppress REM sleep and increased the total(More)