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BACKGROUND Trophic ulceration, one of the most common complications of leprosy, is disabling, distressing, and demoralizing for the patient. METHODS The wound healing effects of topical phenytoin powder were compared with those of normal saline in a controlled in-patient study of 100 patients with 110 trophic leprosy ulcers of varying chronicity, over a(More)
This work introduces a two-finger gesture for invoking drawing tools on the fly while a user works on a touch app. The new gesture helps eliminate the need for using any command sequence from the application or the keyboard. The proposed gesture is programmable and can be associated with any type of tool, for example, the drawing brush or the eraser. The(More)
ATPase staining and ultrastructural study of skin biopsies from six patients of leprosy (2TT, 4LL) and three normal subjects was carried out to study Langherhans Cells (LC). ATPase staining showed normal counts of LCs in tuberculoid patients, while significant reduction was observed in lepromatous cases. Electron microscopy revealed morphological changes in(More)
Establishment of protected areas (PAs) is one of the key global conservation strategies that currently cover approximately 15% of the earth’s land surface. Globally, PA networks are designed to curb the growing anthropogenic pressures in areas with high biological diversity. Despite the importance of PAs in conserving the vanishing biodiversity and unique(More)
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