Mukul Kumar Saxena

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Chest pain is one of the most common presenting complaints of a cardiac ischemic event. As the presenting complaint often dictates further interventions, it is necessary to identify and stratify the risk of a cardiac ischemic event in cases of chest pain as the primary complaint. The study also aimed to evaluate the actual number of cardiac ischemic events(More)
Behavioral emergencies constitute an important but neglected part of emergencies seen worldwide in both emergency departments and by emergency services. Yet research on behavioral emergencies in India has been scarce. The study aimed to evaluate the occurrence of acute behavioral problems as an emergency attended by our emergency management service-108(More)
Suicide continues to be one of the biggest killers in the world, with suicide rates varying between 8.1 and 58.3/100,000 population for different parts of India. Andhra Pradesh, the fourth largest state in India, is responsible for more than 11% of these. Unfortunately, most suicides are under-reported and there is scant data on attempted suicides. This(More)
BACKGROUND Neurological emergencies account for between 2.6 and 14% of medical emergencies, a number that can be salvaged, if addressed in time. This study aimed to answer the questions of demand, type and outcome of neurological emergencies by conducting a retrospective analysis of neurological emergencies serviced by 108, the first professional emergency(More)
BACKGROUND Assam, with its capital in Dispur has one of the highest rates of infant and maternal mortality in India. Being under both tribal and hilly regions, it has lacked adequate healthcare and emergency services. We therefore aimed to conduct a cross-sectional survey of medical emergencies and identify various types of emergencies presenting to(More)
BACKGROUND Most emergencies in Goa arise due to road traffic accidents and drowning, which have been compounded by the rise in number of recorded accidents in 2007 to be above 4000. It is believed that 11 people meet with an accident on Goa's roads every day and this is expected to rise by 10% by next year. Similar is the case with drownings and other(More)
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