Mukui K. Yu

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Quercus acutissima is native to eastern Asia. It has a wide distribution in China and China is an important component in understanding the ecology and genetic structure of this species. Q. acutissima attained high economic value for hardwood product and can be managed as an energy tree species. To investigate the genetic variation of Q. acutissima(More)
We evaluated a commercial three-dimensional (3D) electron beam treatment planning system (CADPLAN V.2.7.9) using both experimentally measured and Monte Carlo calculated dose distributions to compare with those predicted by CADPLAN calculations. Tests were carried out at various field sizes and electron beam energies from 6 to 20 MeV. For a homogeneous water(More)
The Enhanced Dynamic Wedge (EDW) presents many advantages over the physical wedge. However, in order to calculate monitor units (MUs) necessary to deliver a certain dose at a certain point, EDW factors (EDWFs) need to be determined. In this work, based on analysis of the golden segmented treatment table (GSTT) and the MU fraction model, an empirical(More)
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