Mukti Patel

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The integrative Vaccine Investigation and Online Information Network (VIOLIN) vaccine research database and analysis system ( curates, stores, analyses and integrates various vaccine-associated research data. Since its first publication in NAR in 2008, significant updates have been made. Starting from 211 vaccines annotated at the(More)
Since the first DNA vaccine studies were done in the 1990s, thousands more studies have followed. Here we report the development and analysis of DNAVaxDB ( ), the first publically available web-based DNA vaccine database that curates, stores, and analyzes experimentally verified DNA vaccines, DNA vaccine plasmid vectors, and(More)
Objectives PCD is an autosomal recessive condition that affects the structure and function of motile cilia in the respiratory tract, middle ear and reproductive organs. The estimated prevalence is 1:15,000, but as high as 1:2265 in the British Asian population. Mutations in the CCDC103 gene have recently been identified as PCD disease-causing in Pakistani(More)
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