Mukta Jain

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Some manganese(II) complexes derived from different sulphadrugs and heterocyclic ketones have been prepared. These complexes have been characterized on the basis of elemental analyses, molecular weight determinations, conductivity measurements, infrared, ESR and magnetic measurements. The spectral data suggest that the ligands act in a monobasic, bidentate(More)
The organosilicon derivatives of 2-[1-(2-furayl)ethyledene]sulphathiazole with organosilicon chlorides have been synthesised and characterized on the basis of analytical, conductance, and spectroscopic techniques. Probable trigonal bipyramidal and octahedral structures for the resulting derivatives have been proposed on the basis of electronic, IR, (1)H,(More)
The morphological nature of the thalloid plant body of podostemads has remained controversial for long. The present investigation was carried out on two members of the Podostemoideae i.e. Griffithella hookeriana and Polypleurum stylosum to understand their organ identity. The origin of the plant body was traced from the embryo by germinating the seeds under(More)
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