Mukhlis N. Sultankhodjaev

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A lycoctonine-type norditerpenoid alkaloid, swatinine (1), along with four known norditerpenoid alkaloids, delphatine (3), lappaconitine (4), puberanine (5), and N-acetylsepaconitine (6), and were isolated from the aerial parts of Aconitum laeve Royle. Compound 2 has been isolated for the first time from a natural source. The structure of compound 1 was(More)
The title compound, C(34)H(47)NO(12), is the norditerpenoid alkaloid aconifine isolated from the leaves and tubers of Aconitum karakolicum Rapaics. It has a lycoctonine carbon skeleton and contains four six-membered rings and two five-membered rings; its geometry is similar to that observed in other lycoctonine-type diterpenoid alkaloids. There are two(More)
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