Mukesh Prasad Singh

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BACKGROUND Once-daily long-acting β2-agonists (LABAs) are an important treatment option, either alone or in combination with other inhaled long-acting bronchodilators in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). AIMS/OBJECTIVES To audit the effectiveness of indacaterol as maintenance therapy in patients with moderate-to-severe COPD(More)
AIM The present study designed to evaluate the effect of different feeding systems on the behavior of local Rohilkhandi kids. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 21 growing goats (local goat of Rohilkhand region), weighing around 7-11 kg and aging 4-5 months, were used. These animals were kept in three groups. Group I was fed un-chopped green fodder in(More)
AIM To study the pattern of mortality as affected by age, season and various diseases in local goats of Rohilkhand region maintained at the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly. MATERIALS AND METHODS Post-mortem records of 12 years (2000-01 to 2011-12) were used, and total 243 mortality data were collected and analyzed. The causes of mortality(More)
INTRODUCTION Primary tumors of the heart are exceedingly rare, accounting for less than 5% of all cardiac tumors; the remaining 95% of tumors are metastatic tumors to the heart. The most common primary cardiac tumors in adults are myxomas (usually occurring in the left atrium) followed by papillary fibroelastomas and lipomas with rhabdomyoma the most common(More)
The productivity of wheat–rice cropping system is declining over time despite adequate supply of major nutrients. It may be due to deficiency of nutrients like sulphur. A field experiment was conducted with treatments consisting of three sulphate–sulphur (0, 15, 30 and 45 kg ha−1) levels to study the sulphur balance and productivity of wheat in wheat–rice(More)
Background. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is associated with coronary artery disease. Intermittent hypoxia associated with OSA increases sympathetic activity and may cause systemic inflammation, which may contribute to atherosclerosis leading to an increase in the size of carotid intima media thickness (CIMT). Methods. PubMed and Cochrane library were(More)
INTRODUCTION Transvenous pacing is a relatively safe treatment with a low complication rate, but serious thromboembolic complications have been reported to occur in 0.6% to 3.5% of cases. Superior vena cava obstruction syndrome is generally an uncommon but serious complication occurring in <0.1% of patients. However, when it occurs it carries with it(More)
BACKGROUND Infliximab, a chimeric monoclonal immunoglobulin antibody to tumor necrosis factor-alpha, has been established as a safe and effective treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, active and fistulising crohn's disease. Infliximab is generally well tolerated drug. The commonly reported cardiac side effects of Infliximab include exacerbation of congestive(More)
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