Mukesh Meena

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Calcium ion (Ca2+) is a ubiquitous second messenger that transmits various internal and external signals including stresses and, therefore, is important for plants' response process. Calcineurin B-like proteins (CBLs) are one of the plant calcium sensors, which sense and convey the changes in cytosolic Ca2+-concentration for response process. A search in(More)
Nerium indicum [Family:Apocynaceae] is commonly known as Arali [Tam] found throughout India, and has been used in the treatment of cancer, cardiotonic, leprosy and skin diseases. Plant parts such as root, bark and leaves are used. The present study is therefore undertaken to analyse its phyto chemical constituents in solvents like Benene, Chloroform and(More)
Calcium signaling plays an important role in adaptation and developmental processes in plants and animals. A class of calcium sensors, known as Calcineurin B-like (CBL) proteins sense specific temporal changes in cytosolic Ca(2+) concentration and regulate activities of a group of ser/thr protein kinases called CBL-interacting protein kinases (CIPKs).(More)
Numerous plants and fungi produce mannitol, which may serve as an osmolyte or metabolic store; furthermore, mannitol also acts as a powerful quencher of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Some phytopathogenic fungi use mannitol to stifle ROS-mediated plant resistance. Mannitol is essential in pathogenesis to balance cell reinforcements produced by both plants(More)
  • First A Priyanka Gautam, M R S Tech, M Meena, Tech
  • 2012
This paper is about the designing of Wallace tree high speed 4x 4 multiplier that is used in image compression, microprocessor etc. The multiplier is designed by using 8 T adders instead of conventional adder that will leads to lesser power consumption delay and minimized the devices. The simulation has been carried out on Tanner EDA tool on BSIM3V3, 180 nm.
  • A K Jain, C P Jain, K Gaur, A Kakde, M Meena, R K Nema
  • 2009
The present study involves preparation and evaluation of floating microspheres with famotidine as model drug for prolongation of gastric residence time. The microspheres were prepared by the solvent evaporation method using polymers acrycoat S100 and chitosan. The shape and surface morphology of prepared microspheres were characterized by optical and(More)
In the present study, we have evaluated the comparative biochemical defense response generated against Alternaria alternata and its purified toxins viz. alternariol (AOH), alternariol monomethyl ether (AME), and tenuazonic acid (TeA). The necrotic lesions developed due to treatment with toxins were almost similar as those produced by the pathogen,(More)
  • K Ravichandrudu, P Suman Pramod Kumar, M Sailaja, M Meena
  • 2013
Conventional AC/DC power converters that are connected to the line through full-wave rectifier draws a non-sinusoidal input current. These Harmonic currents flowing through the impedances in the electrical utility distribution system can cause several problems such as voltage distortion, heating, noises. These harmonics distort the local voltage waveform,(More)
Most of the applications like industrial automation, home automation, hospitals, space exploration, military, etc, the surveillance robot are widely used. For that, continuous functioning of surveillance robot is necessary. In this paper, the development of automatic docking system with recharging and battery replacement process for surveillance robot is(More)
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