Mukesh Kumar Maheshwari

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Increasing concern about global warming and depleting petroleum reserves have made scientists to focus more on the use of natural fibres such as bagasse, coir, sisal, jute etc. This has resulted in creation of more awareness about the use of natural fibres based materials mainly composites. In past decade there has been many efforts to develop composites to(More)
The ever increasing growth in laptop and portable systems in cellular networks has intensified the research efforts in low power microelectronics. Now a day, there are many portable applications requiring low power and high throughput than ever before. Thus, low power system design has become a significant performance goal. So this paper is face with more(More)
Reducing power consumption without sacrificing processing speed is a critical factor in VLSI design, especially for hand-held devices. In CMOS circuits, dynamic power consumption is proportional to the transition frequency, capacitance, and square of supply voltage. Consequentially, reducing supply voltage provides significant power savings at the expense(More)
Nowadays, every one want to use cell phone and access internet from anywhere at home, office or public place due to rapid growth of Electronic and Telecommunication industry. Due to these demands the analysis of signal propagation inside and outside building is necessary. The outdoor propagation is simple as compared to indoor propagation. This paper models(More)
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