Mukerrem Cakmak

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Colloids play an important role in facilitating transport of adsorbed contaminants in soils. Recent studies showed that under saturated conditions colloid retention was a function of its concentration. It is unknown if this is the case under unsaturated conditions. In this study, the effect of colloid concentration on colloid retention was investigated in(More)
Polyimide gels are produced by cross-linking anhydride capped polyamic acid oligomers with aromatic triamine in solution and chemically imidizing. The gels are then supercritically dried to form nanoporous polyimide aerogels with densities as low as 0.14 g/cm(3) and surface areas as high as 512 m(2)/g. To understand the effect of the polyimide backbone on(More)
We report the first synthesis of polyimide aerogels cross-linked through a polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane, octa(aminophenyl)silsesquioxane (OAPS). Gels formed from polyamic acid solutions of 3,3',4,4'-biphenyltetracarboxylic dianhydride (BPDA), bisaniline-p-xylidene (BAX) and OAPS were chemically imidized and dried using supercritical CO(2) extraction(More)
Colloid retention mechanisms in partially saturated porous media are currently being researched with an array of visualization techniques. These visualization techniques have refined our understanding of colloid movement and retention at the pore scale beyond what can be obtained from breakthrough experiments. One of the remaining questions is what(More)
Combinations of rigid and flexible aromatic diamines were used to tailor the properties of octa(aminophenyl)-silsesquioxane (OAPS) cross-linked polyimide aerogels. 2,2'-Dimethylbenzidine (DMBZ) or p-phenylenediamine (PPDA) was used in combination with the more-flexible diamine, 4,4'-oxydianiline (ODA). The amount of rigid diamine was varied from 0% to 100%(More)
Silica aerogels are sol-gel-derived materials consisting of interconnected nanoparticle building blocks that form an open and highly porous three-dimensional silica network. Flexible aerogel films could have wide applications in various thermal insulation systems. However, aerogel thin films produced with a pure sol-gel process have inherent disadvantages,(More)
Large-scale roll-to-roll (R2R) fabrication of vertically oriented nanostructures via directed self-assembly of cylindrical block copolymer (c-BCP) thin films is reported. Nearly 100% vertical orientation of cylinders in sub-100 nm c-BCP films under optimized processing via a dynamic sharp temperature gradient field termed Cold Zone Annealing-Sharp or(More)
Poly(dimethyltin glutarate) is presented as the first organometallic polymer, a high dielectric constant, and low dielectric loss material. Theoretical results correspond well in terms of the dielectric constant. More importantly, the dielectric constant can be tuned depending on the solvent a film of the polymer is cast from. The breakdown strength is(More)
A combination of transparency, electrical conductivity and flexibility is desired in the emerging flexible electronics industry for current and future applications. In this paper, we report the development of through thickness electrical conductivity in polystyrene films filled with nickel nanopowder by external magnetic field application. This process(More)