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In this paper we propose an automated approach for determining recently published vulnerabilities pertinent to the current network/system configuration using the information aggregated from different bug tracking communities. Such vulnerability assessment and indication mechanisms significantly alleviate the system administrator's burden of manual content(More)
Given the large number of vulnerability instances disclosed in various bug-tracking communities, system administrators face an up-hill task of protecting their system/ network against zero-day exploits. In order to safeguard against such exploits, the present challenges come in two-fold: (i) there exists a compelling need to assimilate configuration(More)
Voice activity detection (VAD) is important for efficient speech coding and accurate automatic speech recognition (ASR). Most of the algorithms proposed in the past, for solving the VAD problem, have been based on some deterministic feature of the speech signal such as zero crossing rate. The speech/non-speech decisions are then taken using suitably chosen(More)
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