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Several genes encoding different cytokines may play crucial roles in host susceptibility to lung cancer, since cytokine production capacity varies among individuals and depends on cytokine gene polymorphisms. The association between cytokine gene polymorphisms with primary lung carcinoma was investigated. DNA samples were obtained from a Turkish population(More)
BACKGROUND Black tea is known to have protective effects against plasma lipid and lipoprotein oxidation, but its influence on lipid peroxidation in tissue has been less studied. The effect of oral black tea consumption on protein oxidation has also not been demonstrated. The present study investigated the antioxidant effects of oral black tea consumption.(More)
OBJECTIVES Angiogenic factors induce tumour growth and angiogenesis which leads to tumour metastasis and a poor survival rate. This study aimed to assess the possible roles of nitric oxide (NO) and vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) in the overall survival of patients with late stage lung cancer. DESIGN AND METHODS The study was carried out(More)
BACKGROUND One of the major goals of oncology is to predict the response of patients with cancer to chemotherapeutic agents by employing laboratory methods variously called 'tumor chemosensitivity assays', 'drug response assays', or 'drug sensitivity assays', in vitro. The MTT assay is one of the methods used to predict the drug response in malignancies.(More)
We evaluated lipid peroxidation in serum, placenta and decidua basalis and antioxidant defenses in preeclampsia and normal pregnancy. The study group consisted of 70 women with preeclampsia and 72 healthy pregnant women. Lipid peroxides in serum, placenta and decidua basalis, and serum vitamin E and total carotene were measured by spectrophotometric(More)
PURPOSE Irrigation-induced increase in intrarenal pressure is of concern because it may cause infection due to increased pyelovenous and pyelolymphatic absorption. This study is the first to compare prospectively the absorbed fluid volumes during percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) for stones larger than 2 cm. (More)
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