Mujeeb-Ur Rahman

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BACKGROUND Most of the studies carried out in India to develop regression equations for spirometry in children are now several years-to-decades old and had used equipment and measurement protocols that have since changed. Prediction equations using the current standardisation protocols for spirometry are not available. The lung health of the population may(More)
BACKGROUND Most of the Indian studies on prediction equations for spirometry in adults are several decades old and may have lost their utility as these were carried out with equipment and standardisation protocols that have since changed. Their validity is further questionable as the lung health of the population is likely to have changed over time. (More)
PURPOSE Pseudomonas aeruginosa is one of the agents that are commonly implicated in nosocomial infections. However, it is also present as a commensal in various body sites of healthy persons, making the diagnosis of infection by culture difficult. A number of virulence factors expressed by the organism have been implicated in its pathogenicity. We undertook(More)
BACKGROUND Spirometry is an essential investigation in pulmonology. The predicted normal spirometry values depend on various physiological parameters. This study was conducted to collect updated information on pulmonary functions in normal adults from western India. MATERIAL AND METHODS A prospective observational study was undertaken at a tertiary(More)
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