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The present review aims to increase the awareness of the gynecologists by analyzing all the case reports which refer to endometriosis presenting either with only ascites or with massive ascites with pleural effusion. To conduct the present review, the CENTRAL (in the Cochrane Library, current issue), MEDLINE (Silver Platter, from 1950 to 2010), and EMBASE(More)
This study aims to review cases of extra-ovarian conditions that resembled ovarian malignancy and thus, to evaluate the distribution of primary pathology mimicking ovarian malignancy. A retrospective review of women, with final pathology of extra-ovarian diseases mimicking ovarian malignancy, which were managed at Zekai Tahir Burak Women’s Health Education(More)
OBJECTIVE To outline and discuss the clinical features and outcomes of adnexal masses that were treated during cesarean delivery at a tertiary referral hospital located in Ankara, Turkey. METHODS The operating room and pathology department databases for 2007-2012 were retrospectively reviewed for surgically managed adnexal masses during cesarean delivery.(More)
BACKGROUND Pregnant women with asthma are recommended to maintain optimal therapeutic management during pregnancy. Uncontrolled, symptomatic asthma may increase the risk of adverse peri-natal outcomes; thus adequate regular anti-asthmatic treatment must be given to provide optimal asthma control during pregnancy. However, doubts about the safety of(More)
Epigenetics has become a major field of reproductive medicine after the epigenetic regulation of gene expression was discovered. The aim of this study was to find out whether or not methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene promoter hypermethylation in the spermatozoa of men who were offered assisted reproduction is associated with idiopathic male(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the medical, social and legal characteristics of the child sexual abuse and to provide a perspective for gynecologists on this topic. METHODS A retrospective analysis was carried out of the medicolegal records of female children below the age of 18 referred to a tertiary teaching hospital and diagnosed as being exposed to sexual abuse(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the 5-year relative survival rates in gynecological cancers diagnosed and treated in Turkey by year 2009 and to compare the results with developed countries. METHODS Data of patients diagnosed for ovarian, corpus uteri or cervix uteri cancer at year 2009 are collected from 9 national cancer registry centers. Date of deaths are(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate nationwide gynecological cancer trends in Turkey. METHODS National cancer registry data (2009-2013) of Turkish Ministry of Health were evaluated. Ovarian, cervical, endometrial, vulvar, vaginal, and tubal cancers are evaluated with respect to age of diagnosis, incidence rates within years, stage,(More)
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