Muhmmad Akram

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In this article we introduce a new class of contraction maps, called A-contractions, which includes the contractions studied by R. Bianchini, M. S. Khan, S. Reich and T. Kannen. It is shown that the class of A-contractions is proper super class of Kannan’s and Khan’s contractions. Several results due to B. Ahmad, F. U. Rehman, Z. Chuanyi, N. Shioji et al.(More)
The authors have introduced a class of K-algebras in [1] and have further extended its scope of study in literature [2, 3, 4, 5]. In this paper, we introduce the notion of K-homomorphism of K-algebras, and investigate some of their properties and structure. Mathematics Subject Classification: 06F35
We introduced a general class of contraction maps on a metric space, called Acontractions (that includes the contractions originally studied by R. Kannan, M. S. Khan at el, R. Bianchini, and S. Reich), and extended some common fixed point theorems on M. S. Khan’s contractions to general self maps of a metric space satisfying certain A-contraction type(More)
More general form of the notion of quasi-coincidence of a fuzzy point with a fuzzy subset is considered, and generalization of fuzzy fated of R0-algebras is discussed. The notion of an (∈,∈∨ qk)-fuzzy fated filter in a R0-algebra is introduced, and several properties are investigated. Characterizations of an (∈,∈∨ qk)-fuzzy fated filter in an R0-algebra are(More)