Muhittin Eski

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The physiopathological events following thermal injury are not limited to the surface effects of heat but are also related to acute inflammatory reactions. Both tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) are important mediators of the acute and severe inflammatory reaction in thermal injury. Surgical manipulation of the burn wound is(More)
It is suggested that burn toxin known as lipid protein complex (LPC) stimulates phagocytic cells that cause the release of a variety of inflammatory mediators which induce the activation of leukocytes. It is reported that cerium nitrate (CN) might fix LPC in eschar tissue and prevent LPC from entering the circulation. In this study, we tested the hypothesis(More)
BACKGROUND It is essential to critically assess bone deposition in midface distraction. The aim of this study was to characterize the quality and volume of bone deposition at specific osteotomy sites following midface distraction. METHODS At approximately 6 months after distraction, computed tomographic scans with three-dimensional reconstruction were(More)
Immunosuppression following thermal injury has been noted in recent years. Both cellular and humoral immune systems have been reported to be affected. The present study aimed to compare the quantitative differences between cutaneous and electrical burn patients in respect to the partition and levels of lymphocyte populations. From March 1997 through(More)
An island pattern flap in the treatment of lower eyelid cicatricial ectropion is described. The flap is based on the supratrochlear artery and its associated veins. The donor site can be closed easily primarily. The very thin thickness of the pedicle increases the rotational arc of the flap. However, this procedure requires two stages and there is a slight(More)
Distraction osteogenesis is an innovative technique that has transformed the treatment of craniofacial malformations in young children. Bone generation obviates the need for graft material, which is in short supply in young patients, thus making possible surgical procedures on the craniofacial skeleton in young children. Sufficient mandibular volume is(More)
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