Muhittin Dinç

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In this study, the anatomical features of the leaf and stem, besides the pollen and nutlet characteristics of Teucrium sandrasicum are investigated. T. sandrasicum, belonging to sect. Teucrium, is an endemic perennial herb growing on serpentine around Muğla province. The anatomical studies on T. sandrasicum revealed that the stem shares the general(More)
The genus Kundmannia Scop. belongs to the Oenantheae tribe (Apiaceae), which consists of five species. K. anatolica and K. syriaca are endemic to Turkey [1, 2], K. syriaca to Syria [3], K. insulana to Europe [4], K. pastinacifolia to Sicily [5], and K. sicula to be Mediterranean Basin [6, 7]. In the present study we show for the first time, that the(More)
Scorzonera argyria Boiss. has been a poorly known endemic species classified within DD category of IUCN. It has not been collected since its introduction to the scientific community in 1843. Scorzonera argyria in the Turkish flora might be considered to be a synonymy of S. eriophora. Based on the specimens collected from the type locality environs,(More)
In this study, the anatomical features of the leaf and stem, besides the nutlet characteristics of some Teucrium sect. Isotriodon (Lamiaceae) taxa in Turkey, T. montbretii Betham subsp. montbretii, T. montbretii subsp. pamphylicum P. H. Davis, T. odontites Boiss. & Bal., T. cavernarum P. H. Davis, T. antitauricum T. Ekim, along with an isolated population(More)
In the present work, three varieties of Teucrium orientale, var. orientale, var. puberulens, and var. glabrescens, were collected and investigated for chemical composition of the oils. Subsequent gas chromatography (GC-FID) and gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC/MS) revealed high abundance of sesquiterpenes in the essential oils analyzed.(More)
The relationships between the closely related Turkish endemic species, Viola sandrasea Melchior and V. kizildaghensis M. Dinç & Ş. Yıldırımlı, are discussed in the present study. Viola sandrasea has been known only from a few gatherings and insufficient description since 1939. Morphological and palynological properties of it are determined in detail and(More)
A new subspecies in sect. Jacea (Mill.) DC., Centaurea cassia Boiss. subsp. dumanii M. Dinç, A. Duran & B. Bilgili subsp. nov., collected by the authors from South Anatolia, is described and illustrated. The new subspecies is restricted to Abies cilicica (Ant. & Kotschy) Carr. subsp. cilicica forest above Göller Yaylası (C6 Adana-Kozan). Diagnostic(More)
Stachys gaziantepensis species nova is described and illustrated. It exhibits general features of the section Infrarosularis. However, it differs from the other species of the section from Turkey by its slender appearance. In addition, while the other species of the section grow on limestone or serpentine rocks, the new species grows on marble rocks.(More)
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