Muharrem Karaaslan

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We demonstrate numerically and experimentally that uniaxial chiral metamaterial creates giant optical activity and circular dichroism due to the large chirality. Also, transmission and reflection coefficients, circular dichroism and chirality values are separately examined and evaluated. The presented chiral designs are combined of the discontinuous bilayer(More)
In this study, chiral metamaterial that creates strong optical activity and dynamical circular dichroism due to geometry of the structure (gammadion-bilayer cross-wires) is presented. It includes the gammadion with discontinuous bilayer cross wire patterned on opposite sides. The designed chiral metamaterial offers easier fabrication and more efficient(More)
In this study, electromagnetic (EM) energy harvesting by using metamaterial absorber is numerically explained. Operation frequency is 2.40 GHz since it is the industrial scientific and medical (ISM) band. This band is especially chosen due to most of the customer electronic devices are working in this band. Split ring resonator that have two splits on it(More)
Design and performance measures of a printed multistrip monopole antenna for ultra-wideband application are presented. The proposed antenna consists of six quarter wavelength strips of different resonant frequency combined in a manner to provide wide bandwidth and omnidirectional pattern. It operates in the frequency range 2.22~15.8 GHz with impedance(More)
Chiral metamaterials are such materials that cannot be found in the nature and show exotic properties as negative refraction index. One of the most important properties of chiral metamaterials is to show optical activity by changing the polarization of the electromagnetic wave. In this way, an electromagnetic wave can be directed and can be controlled.(More)
Multi-scale rectangular element mushroom structure high impedance ground plane (HIGP) designed to exhibit larger band gap frequency range to cover greater bandwidth for low profile antenna design. The HIGP's are composed of three different dimensioned rectangular patch mushroom elements for different resonance frequency realization. The characterizations of(More)
We showed analytically that a chiral slab can exhibit both optical activity and antireflection. Oblique incident waves depending on permittivity, chirality and thickness of bulk chiral material are investigated. The analytical calculations are numerically achieved by meander line metamaterial.
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