Muharem Zildzić

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Cavernous transformation of the portal vein occurs with long-standing portal vein thrombosis (PVT) because of the development and dilatation of multiple small vessels in and around the recanalising main portal vein. Thrombosis and occlusion of the portal vein leads to portal hypertension with enlarged spleen and the development of porto-systemic(More)
INTRODUCTION Hepatic resection is the accepted treatment for various liver tumors. Increasing evidence suggests that two factors significantly influence outcome and successfulness of the hepatic resection in patients with HCC in cirrhosis. There are liver function recovery and the degree of inflammation during early postoperative period. OBJECTIVE Aim of(More)
Liver abscess is a rare complication of sigmoid diverticulitis and must be considered within the differential diagnosis. We report a case of a male patient, age 71, admitted to our hospital with chief complaints of a dull pain in upper right abdominal quadrant, fever and weakness of approximately 5 months duration. He had a history of a surgery 18 years ago(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine (i) the prevalence of HBV infection in families of confirmed chronic carriers, (ii) possible routes of transmission and risk factors for the intrafamilial transmission, (iii) vaccination rate among family members of chronic carriers and (iv) family members with highest risk for infection. METHODS A total of 172 family members of 67(More)
INTRODUCTION Etiological factors of community-acquired urinary tract infections (UTI) are specific for age, gender, season, complication of UTI and type of UTI. Their prevalence and susceptibility to antimicrobial agents shows geographic and time variability. PURPOSE To evaluate etiological characteristics of acute community-acquired UTI in hospitalised(More)
INTRODUCTION Special attention needs to be given to resolution of obesity problem among children because many studies indicate that majority of persons that have suffered from obesity during their child age still have the same problems when they become adults. Incorrect nutritional habits cause health problems at later age. The purpose of this study is to(More)
AIM to determine impact of passive and intensive education on values of HbA1c, blood pressure, total cholesterol, triglycerides, mass body index as well as on practicing of recommended physical activity and habit of smoking among patients with type 2 diabetes. METHOD From 130 patients with type 2 diabetes questioned, 91 completed cycles of 3 months of(More)
UNLABELLED The gallbladder cancer is the most common primary cancer of the hepatobiliary system, and ranks fifth of the cancers of the gastrointestinal system. It is accidentaly found in 1-3 % of patients with gallstone disease, and in 0,5-2,4% on postmortem exam. GOAL Show the incidence, clinical state, and suplement the diagnostic procedure of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Family medicine as a part of the primary health care is devoted to provide continuous and comprehensive health care to the individuals and families regardless of age, gender, types of diseases and affected system or part of the body. Special emphasis in such holistic approach is given to the prevention of diseases and health promotion. Family(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate estimations of hepatitis B virus transmission risk for any region in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not clearly established. We aimed to determine levels of risk associated with intrafamilial transmission of hepatitis B infection within families in our region. PATIENTS AND METHODS Family members of 81 chronic carriers of hepatitis B(More)