Muhanad S. Manshad

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This work-in-progress presents our prototype of a tangible collaborative distance learning environment via a custom set of Trackable Interactive Multi-modal Manipulatives (TIMMs). This work defines a Tangible User Environment (TUE), empowering people with visual impairments to create, modify, and naturally interact with graphical representations that are(More)
This paper presents the development of <i>Multimodal Interactive Cubes for Object Orientation (MICOO)</i> manipulatives. This system provides a multimodal <i>tangible user interface (TUI)</i>, enabling people with visual impairments to create, modify and naturally interact with diagrams and graphs on a multitouch surface. The system supports a novel notion(More)
Heart failure (HF) is a leading cause of hospital admissions and readmissions, and carries significant morbidity and mortality in the elderly patient population. Worsening ankle edema is an early sign of an acute HF exacerbation and needs to be carefully monitored. We present the AnkleBracelet, a prototype of a real-time, activity-sensitive, wearable(More)
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