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Biotechnology has a considerable importance in Turkish biology curriculum. This study was designed to explore or indicate Turkish high school and university students' knowledge and attitudes toward biotechnology. A total number of 352 high school and 276 university students were invited to the study. The Biotechnology Knowledge Questionnaire (BKQ) with 16(More)
Some evolutionary explanations of cross-cultural differences propose that human personality is caused by pathogen stress. Both xenophobia and ethnocentrism evolved under conditions with high parasite prevalence. Further, inter-individual variation in disgust or fear of parasites is expected to be influenced by human health, where healthy people should(More)
Adaptationist view proposes that emotions were shaped by natural selection and their primary function is to protect humans against predators and/or disease threat. This study examined cross-cultural and inter-personal differences in behavioural immune system measured by disgust, fear and perceived danger in participants from high (Turkey) and low (Slovakia)(More)
The present study with an international perspective, investigated the state of knowledge, perceptions, and attitudes among young students toward bioenergy in Finland, Slovakia, Taiwan, and Turkey. A total of 1,903 students with an average age of 15 years from 19 rural and urban schools participated in this study. The study found statistically significant(More)
Th e purpose of the study was to evaluate the eff icacy and feasibility of using website in biology education. We have explored the World Wide Web as a possible tool for education about health and nutrition. Th e websites were teaching tools for primary school students. Control groups used the traditional educational materials as books or worksheets, and(More)
The purpose of this case study was to investigate curricular (within school) and extra-curricular (out-of-school) activities undertaken to develop students’ environmental awareness. In-depth information was gathered from six middle-school students (three females and three males) and three science teachers (all females) through the use of a semi-structured(More)
Humans (Homo sapiens) are unique primates due to a lack of a thermally insulating fur covering, typical of all other primates. Our primary goal was to examine the "ectoparasite avoidance mediated by mate choice hypothesis" suggesting that women prefer men lacking chest hair in order to avoid ectoparasite loads. We predicted that women living in areas with(More)
Macrofungi samples have been collected during the field trips carried out in Tavas (Denizli) between in 1999-2001. As a result of field and Laboratory studies totally 45 taxa belong to 19 families were identified. Nine of these belong to Ascomycetes and 36 to Basidiomycetes. Seventeen species are edible and four taxa are poisonous.
The history of electronic educational materials does not go far back but for several decades now there is an increasing attempt to create more such resources (Arnold, Padilla & Tunhikorn, 2009). The educational value of the information and communications technologies (ICT) was confirmed by a variety of experiments (Fančovičová & Prokop, 2008). When used(More)
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