Muhammet Ozgur

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HLA polymorphism can complicate the design and development of vaccines, especially those that contain a selected number of epitopes and are directed at pathogens prevalent worldwide. Because of HLA class I restricted antigen recognition and ethnic variation in HLA distribution, such vaccines may not be uniformly effective across populations. We, therefore,(More)
Contemporary microprocessor cores employ out-of-order execution in order to boost performance. One of the artifacts of the out-of-order execution is the Content Addressable Memory (CAM) cells that allow comparison of the incoming data with the stored value. Many components use these cells inside the processor such as the Issue Queue (IQ), which holds the(More)
—SRAM arrays are used especially in memory structures inside the processor. Static energy dissipation caused by leakage currents is increasing with every new technology and large SRAM arrays are the main source of the leakage current. We analyzed the content distribution of columns of SRAM arrays and based on the majority of the content, the body-bias of(More)
In the second half of the last century the attitude with respect to foreign investment has changed, and the role of this investment on development of Latin-American economies has become crucial. A fierce competition is taking place among these countries in a even more integrated region where environmental policies have become one of the suitable instruments(More)
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