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In this paper, a simple and effective stabilization method for integrating time delay systems using fractional order PD controllers µ s k k s C d p + =) (is proposed. The presented method is based on finding the stability regions according to the fractional orders of the derivative element in the range of (0, 2). These regions are computed by using three(More)
A new second-order multi-mode multifunction filter configuration is introduced. This configuration uses a single current differencing buffered amplifier (CDBA) and, depending on topology, a total of four/five passive elements (two/three capacitors and two/three resistors). Current-mode (CM), voltage-mode (VM), transimpedance-mode (TIM) and(More)
A new multi-mode multifunction filter using CDBA is proposed. The original filter has a single current input and three voltage outputs and operates in transimpedance-mode. It can generate all biquadratic filter functions of low-pass, high-pass and band-pass, and also band-reject and all-pass filter responses by selecting different output signal(More)
A proportional integral derivative (PID) controller employing only a single commercially available active component, two resistors and two capacitors is presented. The PID controller circuit has low impedance voltage output which can be easily cascaded with other voltage-mode (VM) structures. The effects caused by the non-ideality of the current feedback(More)