Muhammed Nebil Selimoğlu

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Necrotizing fasciitis and necrotizing cellulitis are serious cutaneous complications in varicella patients. Differentiation of necrotizing cellulitis from necrotizing fasciitis can initially be challenging because of indistinct clinical course at the onset of infection and the lack of definitive diagnostic criteria. This paper reports 2 children with(More)
Combined nerve blocks of the upper extremity and lower limb in same operation rarely performed due to the risk of systemic toxicity of local anesthetics. Therefore, general anesthesia is generally preferred in this operations. However, use of ultrasound allows reliable deposition of the anesthetic around the nerves, potentially lowering the local anesthetic(More)
Self-inflating tissue expanders have been used successfully in breast reconstruction, alopecia, scars, and anophthalmos. The expanders contain an osmotic active hydrogel and a silicon shell. The purpose of this study was to analyze our clinical experience using self-inflating tissue expanders in the treatment of alopecia and cleft palate defects in(More)
Posters 4. Chan RK, Bojovic B, Talbot SG, et al. Lower lip suspension using bilateral temporalis muscle flaps and fascia lata grafts. INTRODUCTION: Many osteotomy methods and fixa-tion types have been used to correct the misalignment observed in genu varum. The aim of this study is to present our experience of application fat graft for treatment of genu(More)
PURPOSE Split calvarial bone graft is preferred in the reconstruction of calvarial defects. However, it is not feasible for use in some challenging cases and in children. Particulate bone graft containing viable osteoblasts could be an attractive alternative. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 32 female rats were randomly separated into 4 groups.(More)
Reconstruction of the scalp may be challenging for reconstructive surgeons because of the special anatomic structure of the scalp and underlying skeleton. Anterior scalp defects especially deserve special care for pleasant hairline re-creation and redirection of hair follicles. Local transposition or rotation flaps are the most common reconstruction methods(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate preoperative and postoperative properties, the management of unilateral complex orbital fractures, and to offer an algorithm for orbital fractures. For this research study, 248 patients with orbital trauma were evaluated according to an offered algorithm. Diplopia, enophthalmos, dystopia, infraorbital nerve(More)
OBJECTIVE For syndactyly repair, several delicate, well-planned flap combination techniques have been reported. This study presents technique details with functional and aesthetic results of a dorsal rectangular and volar V-Y advancement flap combination for web reconstruction and S incisions for finger separation in patients with syndactyly. METHOD Ten(More)
Reconstructive surgery to the lips requires the replacement of defective tissues with similarly functioning tissues. While non-dynamic free tissue transfers provide adequate lower lip reconstruction, improved benefits may be obtained with innervated free muscle flaps. This study reports the use of innervated serratus anterior muscle free flaps for lip(More)
Perforation with a submucosal cleft palate (SMCP) is a rare condition with a limited number of cases reported in the literature. However, most described cases include neonates and infants, but not cases due to trauma or infection. Here, we present a case of an adult patient with SMCP with a perforation of the palate who was undiagnosed. In light of this(More)