Muhammed Mas-ud Hussain

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We present an implementation of a system for managing evolving shapes in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). A shape is a contiguous region in which the measurements of the sensors detect values above a given threshold. Our system, in its current version, solves two important problems: (1) Detecting and tracking the changes of boundaries; (2) Detecting an(More)
This work presents a distributed implementation for processing Maximizing Range Sum (MaxRS) query in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). MaxRS query is useful in many spatially-distributed event monitoring and target tracking applications. Given the location and current readings of the nodes, and a rectangle R, MaxRS finds a location of R that maximizes the sum(More)
We address the problem of maintaining the correct answer-sets to the Conditional Maximizing Range-Sum (C-MaxRS) query in spatial data streams. Given a set of (possibly weighted) 2D point objects, the traditional MaxRS problem determines an optimal placement for an axes-parallel rectangle r so that the number -- or, the weighted sum -- of objects in its(More)
This work presents a system for augmenting the functionality of Yelp-like recommendation sites by enabling users to search for places bounded by travel-time when using public transportation, and modifying recommendations based on updated weather conditions. Using public transport, although is cheaper and efficient, entails that only fixed places of(More)
We address the problem of efficient maintenance of Continuous Maximizing Range-Sum (Co-MaxRS) query for moving objects trajectories. The traditional MaxRS problem aims at finding a placement for a given (axes-parallel) rectangle R so that the number-or the sum of the weights-of objects (points) from a given set O in the interior of R is maximized. However,(More)
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