Muhammed Maruf Öztürk

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Software test tools has been growing increasingly in terms of popularity. These testing tools are used by developers according to the their development platforms. Selection of a software test tool is a fundamental step for software testing. This paper presents a multi-agent framework facilitating the software test tool selection process. The framework has(More)
Class imbalance is a common problem in defect prediction data sets. In order to cope with this problem, over-sampling and under sampling methods are employed. However, these methods are designed for instance based alteration and not specialized for feature space. Also there is not any distinctive approach to cope with class imbalance in defect prediction(More)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol which used for file transfer operation via port 21. Various tools are being used for file transfer management. These tools may be either client or web based. In this work a web based voice controlled ftp tool (Wb-FTP) is proposed. And have measured performance analysis of this tool and compared with other ftp(More)
Defect prediction includes tasks that are based on methods gener ated using software fault data sets and requires much effort to be completed. In defect prediction, although there are methods to conduct an analysis involving the classification of data sets and localisation of defects, those methods are not sufficient without eliminating repeated data(More)
By ordering test cases, early fault detection is focused on test case prioritization. In this field, it is widely known that algorithm and coverage criteria focused works are common. Previous works, which are related to test case prioritization, showed that practitioners need a novel method that optimizes test cases according to the cost of each test case(More)
Validation is a degree of which how correct a model represents the behavior of its system counterpart from the perspective of intended use of the model. The degree of representation of the model or abstraction is determined by the modeler according to user demands and objectives. Whenever the modeler and simulation user’s demands are satisfied, the model is(More)