Muhammed Ashraf

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Current study investigated the fermentative production of cell mass and crude protein using an axenic culture of the thermotolerant strain of Chlorella vulgaris grown mixotrophically in an illuminated 10-l glass bioreactor. The process was then upscaled to 1,000-l bioreactor. The organism supported maximum specific growth rate, crude protein volumetric(More)
The effects of thiamin (Thi) applied as seed soaking or foliar spray on some key physiological parameters were investigated in two differentially salt-responsive maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars, DK 5783 and Apex 836 F1, exposed to saline stress in two different experiments. An initial experiment (germination experiment) was designed to identify appropriate(More)
We investigated the effect of fetal sheep ductus arteriosus occlusion (DO) on the distribution of cardiac output and left and right ventricular function by tissue and pulsed Doppler at baseline; after 15 and 60 min of DO induced with a vascular occluder; and 15 min after release of DO. Ductal occlusion decreased fetal pO2. Mean left ventricular output(More)
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