Muhammad Zohaib

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Obstacle avoidance is an important task in the field of robotics, since the goal of autonomous robot is to reach the destination without collision. Several algorithms have been proposed for obstacle avoidance, having drawbacks and benefits. In this survey paper, we mainly discussed different algorithms for robot navigation with obstacle avoidance. We also(More)
This research proposed an intelligent obstacle avoidance algorithm to navigate an autonomous mobile robot. The presented Intelligent Bug Algorithm (IBA) over performs and reaches the goal in relatively less time as compared to existing Bug algorithms. The improved algorithm offers a goal oriented strategy by following smooth and short trajectory. This has(More)
This study focuses on the possible use of Aspergillus fumigatus to remove acid violet 49 dye (AV49) from aqueous solution. In batch biosorption experiments, the highest biosorption efficiency was achieved at pH 3.0, with biosorbent dosage of 3.0 gL−1 within about 30 min at 40 °C. The Langmuir and Freundlich models were able to describe the biosorption(More)
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