Muhammad Zeeshan Mughal

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Bioresorbable polymers have been widely investigated as materials exhibiting significant potential for successful application in the fields of tissue engineering and drug delivery. Further to the ability to control degradation, surface engineering of polymers has been highlighted as a key method central to their development. Previous work has demonstrated(More)
Novel high speed nanoindentation data is reported for 0% and 100% state of charge (SoC) for the spinal Li x Mn2O4 material. The article also includes the load/displacement data for different SoC highlighting the displacement bursts corresponding to the pillar splitting for fracture toughness evaluation. For more details, please see the article; Mughal et(More)
The present work deals with a new technique to produce complex micro- and nano-scale patterns with high accuracy by FIB micro machining. The proposed method is related to the production of stream file, which is optimized through a software interface. A unique sampling approach is used to optimize the conversion from a 3D meshed CAD object to the focused ion(More)
Accurate estimation of fracture behavior of commercial LiMn₂O₄ particles is of great importance to predict the performance and lifetime of a battery. The present study compares two different microscale techniques to quantify the fracture toughness of LiMn₂O₄ particles embedded in an epoxy matrix. The first technique uses focused ion beam (FIB) milled micro(More)
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