Muhammad Zamurad Shah

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This paper presents sliding mode based lateral control for UAVs using piecewise linear sliding surface. A single linear surface is replaced by piecewise linear sliding surface to ensure the performance during small track errors or divergence and a bounded heading error in the case of large track error, thus avoiding the actuator saturations. Stability of(More)
This paper presents a 3D guidance scheme for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The proposed guidance scheme is based on the sliding mode approach using nonlinear sliding manifolds. Generalized 3D kinematic equations are considered here during the design process to cater for the coupling between longitudinal and lateral motions. Sliding mode based guidance(More)
This paper presents a sliding mode based lateral (cross-track) control scheme for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Proposed scheme is based on a non-linear sliding surface that gives good performance during both large and small cross track errors. The main contribution of this paper is to develop a robust lateral control law that can keep cross track error(More)
In design of guidance algorithm's wind is often ignored or only considered implicitly. Persistent winds has a very significant nonlinear effect on the guidance scheme as for small UAVs these disturbances can strongly affect their spatial orientation. This research work extends the idea of sliding mode control for parameter estimation of UAV nonlinear(More)
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