Muhammad Zahid Abbas

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Newcastle disease (ND) is one of the most deadly diseases of poultry around the globe. The disease is endemic in Pakistan and recurrent outbreaks are being reported regularly in wild captive, rural and commercial poultry flocks. Though, efforts have been made to characterize the causative agent in some of parts of the country, the genetic nature of strains(More)
Newcastle disease virus (NDV) causes severe and economically important disease in poultry around the globe. None of NDV strains in Pakistan have been completely characterized and the role of rural poultry in harbouring NDV is unclear. Since they have a very important role for long-term circulation of the virus, samples were collected from apparently healthy(More)
Paratuberculosis is a chronic bowel disease of ruminants caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP). Its secretion through semen highlights the importance of paratuberculosis-free breeding bulls. The breeding and teaser bulls at three semen production units (SPUs) located in Punjab, Pakistan, were screened for the presence of antibodies(More)
The strains of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) were isolated from five suspected outbreaks of ND in broiler (n = 3) and layers (n = 2) poultry farms. The egg-isolated viruses were subjected to biological and genetic characterization. Based on the biological characterization, isolates showed haemagglutination titer ≥log 27, mean death time <55 h, intracerebral(More)
Several outbreaks of avian influenza (AI) caused by H9N2 subtype, have been reported in the poultry industry during 1990 around the globe. Currently, H9N2 are endemic in the large area of Middle and Far East, including Pakistan. Since H9N2 AI viruses are sporadically reported from humans, extensive incidence of H9N2 in poultry imposes a great risk for human(More)
Newcastle disease virus (NDV) infects wild and domestic birds but causes contagious and lethal disease in domestic poultry. ND is currently endemic in Pakistan, but no complete genome sequence of a Pakistani NDV isolate has been reported. An NDV strain isolated from a commercial poultry farm was completely sequenced. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that the(More)
This is an application of information visualization in object relational database. This will present query based visualization of iso-surfaces for tetrahedral meshes. An Amos 2 object-relational database is used for domain modeling of discrete geometrical objects (like points) and for assigning them temperature values. Java 3D API is used to visualize the(More)
Outbreaks of buffalopox affect udder and teats, which may ultimately lead to mastitis in dairy buffalo and can significantly compromise the production. In this study, we report isolation of buffalo poxvirus and sequence analysis of the B5R gene collected from the buffalo clinically suspected to be poxvirus infected. The virus was isolated on BHK-21 cell(More)
Since the first report of infectious bursal disease in Pakistan in 1987, outbreaks have been common even in vaccinated flocks. Despite appropriate administration of vaccines, concerns arise if the circulating strains are different from the ones used in the vaccine. Here, we sequenced the hypervariable region (HVR) of the VP2 gene of circulating strains of(More)
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