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A new family of numerical schemes for inhomogeneous parabolic partial differential equations is developed utilizing diagonal Padé schemes combined with positivity–preserving Padé schemes as damping devices. We also develop a split version of the algorithm using partial fraction decomposition to address difficulties with accuracy and computational efficiency(More)
In this paper the YummyKarachi system is presented; it is a combined restaurant and safe routes recommender system for an unsafe city such as Karachi. YummyKarachi utilizes a hybrid model combining service recommendations with route recommendations in a map-based user interface. It utilizes tweets arriving in real-time to search for danger zones within the(More)
Security is an issue that requires more attention in wireless communication due to the extreme flexible access offered by this technology. Wireless LAN has gained popularity in enterprises cause of the same reason the security mechanisms offered for Wireless LAN are expensive (normally require high processing and extra hardware), complex (based upon private(More)
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