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Microbial biomass N was measured in 18 agricultural soils collected from Punjab, Pakistan using a chloroform fumigation extraction method (CFEM), a chloroform extraction method (CEM), and a chloroform fumigation-incubation method (CFIM) using anaerobic incubation. In CFEM, the soil samples were exposed to chloroform vapour for 24 h followed by estimation of(More)
This article analytically describes the thermal radiation effects on the flow and heat transfer characteristics. The flow in a second-grade fluid is created due to an exponentially porous stretching surface. The series solutions of velocity and temperature are developed by a homotopy analysis method. The heat transfer results are obtained for the two cases,(More)
Heterogeneous inorganic nanotube structures consisting of multiwalled carbon nanotubes coated by long, continuous MoS2 sheets with tunable sheet number are synthesized using a carbon-nanotube sponge as a template. The resulting 3D porous hybrid sponges have potential applications as high-performance freestanding anodes for Li-ion batteries with excellent(More)
In the present paper, we have focused our attention to highlight the study of a non-Newtonian nanofluid between coaxial cylinders with variable viscosity. The governing equations of the nonNewtonian fluid with variable viscosity along with energy and nanoparticles are given. The coupled nonlinear differential equations are solved analytically with the help(More)
Concrete is probably the most extensively used construction material in the world. However, environmental concerns regarding rapid consumption of natural resources and CO2 emission during cement manufacturing process have brought pressure to reduce cement consumption by the use of cement replacement materials (CRMs). The utilization of calcined clay(More)
We predict Stokes-beam divergence, origin, and gain for large-gain Raman amplifiers as functions of pump-beam divergence and pump power in terms of simple analytical expressions. Stokes divergence is found to peak at a pump power twice above threshold. Results are in excellent agreement with exact computer solutions and explain recent experimental(More)
Experiments were performed to find out plasma parameters for Nickel and Titanium metals which were irradiated in air (1 atm) to produce plasma plume using Q switched Nd: YAG pulsed laser of 1.1 MW, 10 m J, 1064 nm and 9-14 ns. Langmuir probe was used as a diagnostic tool. The signals at different probe voltages were recorded on digital storage oscilloscope.(More)
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