Muhammad Wasim Bhatti

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It is generally accredited that software development is a dynamic process so during the development of a software project many requirement changes are proposed. Literature shows that these proposed changes have the potential to affect the software development in different dimensions. Among these dimensions, cost is major. This paper demonstrates the impact(More)
Requirements evolve and managing requirements evolution is necessary to meet the business needs of a customer. The continuous changing requirements can affect the cost, schedule and quality of a software project. Inability to manage the changing requirements may lead to inconsistencies in system requirements and results in failure of the software project.(More)
Many requirement changes are proposed during the lifecycle of a software project. Management of these changes is, therefore, necessary for the successful development of a software project. For the management of the changing requirements, it is necessary to investigate the changing requirements with respect to development phases of a software project. In(More)
In the industry the Modulated IR laser plays an important role for a lot of gigantic sensor modules and laser communications between the transmitter and receiver. So far the method discussed in this paper is about the modulated IR laser retransmitted wave by sensor, after sensing the type modulation of the laser and then transmitting the same laser again.
Disasters, both natural and manmade, of colossal proportions have continued to beleaguer Pakistan especially over the last 3 decades. Response of the government agencies and that of the general community has improved with time but still can be best described as “reactive”. In the aftermath of the devastating 2005 earthquake corporate sector(More)
The phenomenon of global software development has changed the traditional methods of software engineering. Along with several benefits, globalization brings lot of challenges for practitioners of global software development. Among all challenges, establishment of a configuration management system for distributed teams is one of the major technical(More)
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