Muhammad Wajid Tahir

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To explore the effect of morphology on catalytic properties of graphitic carbon nitride (GCN), we have studied oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) performance of two different morphologies of GCN in alkaline media. Among both, tubular GCN react with dissolved oxygen in the ORR with an onset potential close to commercial Pt/C. Furthermore, the higher stability(More)
A field study was conducted to compare the formationand bacterial communities of rhizosheaths of wheat grown under wheat-cotton and wheat-rice rotation and to study the effects of bacterial inoculation on plant growth. Inoculation of Azospirillum sp. WS-1 and Bacillus sp. T-34 to wheat plants increased root length, root and shoot dry weight and dry weight(More)
The objective of this study was to identify quantitative trait loci (QTL) controlling oil content, fatty acid profile and flowering time in Brassica napus L. This research was conducted using a doubled haploid mapping population derived from a cross of Polo × Topas. The population was phenotyped in four environments. The composite interval method of QTL(More)
In our present study, GARCH family models are used for modeling and forecasting the rice yield of four provinces of Pakistan during the period of 1947-48 to 2008-09. Also Auto regressive, moving average and Autoregressive moving average models are described. Thus, the selected GARCH models for all provinces are also presented for forecasting purpose on the(More)
The sale of family assets to pay for the cost of migrating abroad is a common phenomenon among the people of Gujrat in Pakistan. People gather money from different sources to complete the process of international migration, for this purpose they do not hesitate to sell their agricultural land, houses, shops, and other personal possessions. The underlying(More)
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