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<b>Context:</b> Ever since the emergence of agile methodologies in 2001, many software companies have shifted to Agile Software Development (ASD), and since then many studies have been conducted to investigate effort estimation within such context; however to date there is no single study that presents a detailed overview of the state of the art in effort(More)
—Nowadays, software systems are a key factor in the success of many organizations as in most cases they play a central role helping them attain a competitive advantage. However, despite their importance, software systems may be quite costly to develop, so substantially decreasing companies' profits. In order to tackle this challenge, many organizations look(More)
<b>Context:</b> There are numerous studies on effort estimation in Agile Software Development (ASD) and the state of the art in this area has been recently documented in a Systematic Literature Review (SLR). However, to date there are no studies on the state of the practice in this area, focusing on similar issues to those investigated in the(More)
Both Agile Software Development (ASD) and Global Software Development (GSD) are 21 st century trends in the software industry. Many studies are reported in the literature wherein software companies have applied an agile method or practice GSD. Given that effort estimation plays a remarkable role in software project management, how do companies perform(More)
The current study attempts to determine the impact of financial liberalization on the growth of non-financial small-sized Pakistani firms. For empirical analysis, this study uses cross-firm panel data set of firms listed on Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE). The results indicate that total assets and economic development of the country significantly associated(More)
This study endeavors to examine the efficiency of Chinese stock market and how the global financial crisis influences the efficiency of Chinese stock market. In order to determine the efficiency of Chinese stock market we apply efficient market hypothesis of random walk and divide our data sample into two periods: one is before global financial crisis and(More)
This study examines the behavior of information asymmetry around different announcement dates involved in seasoned equity issue process in China. This study contributes three major findings. Firstly, SEOs announcement effects are found more negative on issuance date as compared to different announcement dates. In addition, among different announcement dates(More)
Thesis type (research / industrial, theoretical / empirical): industrial, theoretical and empirical Student 1 suitability Software engineering course credits completed at BTH (total): 30 ECTS credit points Software engineering courses completed relevant for thesis work: Modelos y Metodos para la Evaluacion y Mejora de Procesos Software process improvement)(More)