Muhammad Umair Younis

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At present, environmental degradation and the consistently growing population are two main problems on the planet earth. Fulfilling the needs of this growing population is quite difficult from the limited arable land available on the globe. Although there are legal, social and political barriers to the utilization of biotechnology, advances in this field(More)
This study investigates the effects of various factors of political instability on economic growth in selected ten Asian economies during 1990-2005. Our empirical findings show a close relationship between political stability and economic growth. We have analyzed the data by using ordinary least squire econometrics methods, which conclude that 32.35 scores(More)
This paper examines the impact of loan loss provisions of the banks on the performance of the banks operating in Pakistan. Moreover the other factors that affect the banking profitability have been discussed in this study. Our results show that the loan loss provision of the banks is of paramount importance in affecting its profitability. A well-managed(More)
In present study, directly compressed controlled released matrix tablets of Diltiazem Hydrochloride were formulated at drug-to-polymer ratios (D: P) of 10:1, 10:2, 10:3 using polymers Ethocel 45 Premium, K100 LV Methocel, K15M EP Premium Methocel as rate controlling agents. In some formulations of Diltiazem hydrochloride and Ethocel 45 Premium matrices, 30%(More)
Breast cancer is a disease with diverse clinical symptoms, molecular profiles, and its nature to response its therapeutic treatments. Radiotherapy (RT), along with surgery and chemotherapy is a part of treatment in breast cancer. The aim of present study was to investigate pre and post treatment effects of radiotherapy in serum fatty acids and its lipids(More)
In this article, the (G ′ /G)-expansion method has been implemented to find the travelling wave solutions of nonlinear evolution equations of fractional order. For this, the fractional complex transformation method has been used to convert fractional order partial differential equation to ordinary differential equation. Then, (G ′ /G)-expansion method has(More)
In this article, the modified simple equation method has been extended to celebrate the exact solutions of nonlinear partial time-space differential equations of fractional order. Firstly, the fractional complex transformation has been implemented to convert nonlinear partial fractional differential equations into nonlinear ordinary differential equations.(More)
Parents’ involvement in educational activities and its effects on attainments of the secondary level students were investigated through this study which was based upon a common notion that parents interest and involvement in educational activities of thier children results in measurable and significant educational gains for them. Population of the study(More)
Osteomalacia is a metabolic bone disease in a mature individual, caused by lack of vitamin D or its active metabolites, on account of a number of factors. Osteomalacia is common in females and in countries with less sun shine. It typically presents with body aches, weakness, alongwith signs of bone tenderness and proximal myopathy. Diagnosis is made on the(More)
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