Muhammad Tariq

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Energy efficient and reliable data forwarding becomes important if resources are limited such as in Wireless Sensor Networks. Although Directed Diffusion, a data centric routing approach is widely used in Wireless Sensor Networks,it is inefficient in terms of reliability and energy efficiency. In this paper we present a new routing scheme for Wireless(More)
This paper presents a new method for adaptive watermark strength optimization in Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) domain. Watermarking is a method to embed secret information in the host medium. Optimal strength selection for watermark is the most critical aspect in the whole process and it had attracted many researchers in the recent past. In the(More)
Gender classification problem is an active area of research; recently it had attracted many researchers. This study presents an efficient gender classification technique. Weighted Majority Voting (WMV) is the most popular technique used to combine individual classifiers in an ensemble based classification. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a global optimization(More)
Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is an important safety net among the poverty reduction strategies. Although, cash transfer of PKR1000 per month cannot change the whole social status of the people in this era of rising inflation and frequently increasing oil prices, yet it provides some relief for daily household expenditures (especially food,(More)
With the widespread computing technologies, are deployed in every aspect of life including health, education, communication, transportation. In the industry, the technology evolution has been expected to affect the environment somehow, which is recently has been proved. The latest researches taken these critical environmental issues seriously to analysis(More)
Background To improve the availability of contraceptive supplies in Pakistan, the USAID|DELIVER Project worked with the Government of Pakistan (GoP) to develop a national webbased logistics management information system (LMIS), at all tiers of the supply chain. The LMIS automates the collection of data for contraceptives, tuberculosis, and vaccine products.(More)
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